UPS tracking link not working

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UPS tracking link not working
14 Jan 2017
I was given a UPS (Amazon) tracking link from Skubana for a product ordered from Smarson/Matisse. The link didn't work, Skubana won't
reply and now my purchase is who knows where without a trace. Smarson resent the product via FedEx and now I have it, but where is the UPS shipment and who takes responsibility for this loss?
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Re: UPS tracking link not working
15 Jan 2017

If you have received the item that you ordered then I would not worry about it too much.

You paid for the product and the seller has now provided it, albeit a bit late.

If the seller did originally send the product via UPS then it is up to them to make a claim with UPS if the shipment has genuinely gone missing, as opposed to not having been sent in the first place.
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