Best Support Ever

A review of RepricerExpress by Bluepost
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Best Support Ever
20 Jan 2017
This repricing service is excellent and very reliable and I can safely say that it has generated far more revenue than the monthly subscription cost. I'm not aware of any interruptions in the service it is totally reliable.

I have used umpteen services for my online business and I have never received support from any of them like the support I receive at RepricerExpress, nothing is too much trouble. All to often support is along the lines of pointing in the direction of the help article or video which is great but sometimes one needs a bit more support than this when time is limited. The support at repricerexpress will pretty much sort the matter out which I find excellent. When I say the matter it is not that there is an issue with the service it is more a case of my not knowing how to use a part of the service and not having time to learn!

I'm very happy with the service provided!
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Re: Best Support Ever
13 Apr 2017
Hi Bluepost

Thanks for taking the time to write this great review of our software.

I've passed your positive feedback onto the support team.

Happy selling. Have a great weekend : )

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