Recommend me do - ebay Auction Management Software

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Recommend me do - ebay Auction Management Software
15 Feb 2008
Hi All,

I am a complete newbie and after a little help and nudge towards the right product(s)

I have recently started my eBay business (selling lingerie) and to date I have been using Auctivia with a template created in Dreamweaver by a friend. My first month has now gone by and I want to progress and ‘streamline’ the listing and management process as well as get my friend to overhaul the design of the template, which is a little busy and not as slick as some of the other sellers.

Basically auction management wise I want…

-Template listing structure (similar to Auctivia) that will allow me to use the same listing format (colour scheme, logo etc) but simply amend the auction basics (title, image, size etc)
-Offline system so I’m not pulling teeth waiting for pages to load
-Simple interface because I’m an absolute noob!
-Automation (emails, 2nd chance offers etc)

I would also like some marketing and research application that is going to help me raise my product and service above all others. Ideally in the same package but I would look at a 2nd program if it delivered…

We are already very competitively priced and are very confident in the product. A lot of our items are either watched or purchased as soon as they are found by the buyer but ebay is swamped with similar items which in the majority are an inferior product or more expensive but there is a feeling we are a small Oasis in a swamp of listings. I feel we are missing out on a lot of business as we are just not getting found quick enough.

Something that monitors competitors activities would be great as well as the market as a whole (what is selling well, when is the best listing times etc). I’d like to get our listings into the search engines again I’m naïve in this area so something that can help me with this would be great.

Finally, (I don’t ask for much do I!) Is there a solution that can be expanded/integrated with an ecommerce solution which can be used when we look to launch an online shop? This is not a huge requierement as I would rather get a good program that fits the ebay bill rather than a ‘complete’ package that doesn’t quite fit the bill.

Guys, can I just say many thanks for your help with this in advance.


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Re: Recommend me do - ebay Auction Management Software
15 Feb 2008
Forgot to mention something with inclusive image hosting would be great!
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Re: Recommend me do - ebay Auction Management Software
18 Feb 2008
You should take a look at eBay Blackthorne ( We are an offline lister that fits the bill for most of your requirements. We are very strong on templatizing your items so your data entry is reduced.

We also include a lot of bulk processing like submitting, 2nd chance offers, emails, feedbacks, packing lists, labels, USPS postage through Endicia and much more.

We don't include image hosting, but we allow users to use any image hosting solution they have. For instance, you could get a account for about $5/month.

Many of our new users are those graduating from the free solutions like Auctiva or Turbo Lister, so I think we might be a good fit for you.
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Re: Recommend me do - ebay Auction Management Software
24 Feb 2008
Hi Julie, thanks for posting

Desktop/offline systems are rather out of vogue but there are a few you could try in addition to eBay Blackthorne. Take a look at SpoonFeeder, AuctionSplash (free), Auction Wizard 2000, AuctionSage.

It would be unusual to find market research in the same package. Mpire Researcher is a good free tool to get you started, Terapeak and HammerTap are well-regarded tools with more sophisticated features.

An easy way to get your items onto Google is the Google Base Store Connector.

If you could post a review of any tools you try it would be much appreciated!
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