Online Sourcing Software for the ECommerce Buyer

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Online Sourcing Software for the ECommerce Buyer
20 Jan 2017
Tactical Arbitrage is computer software designed to increase your online sourcing capacity. It's primary focus is to search specific ecommerce sites for items that are a potential match in the Amazon catalog. By utilizing it's multiple filters, you can ask the software to return matches that meet only your criteria. For online sellers searching for products to sell, Tactical Arbitrage greatly reduces the time it takes to search and find deals.

It will function best for an experienced computer user with a bit of common sense, ability to read, and time to watch some tutorials.

Tactical Arbitrage offers support through the software portal and a facebook group.

As with any software limitations may exist. With Tactical Arbitrage sites available for scanning must ones set up in the database (the list is fairly extensive) and you do have a limit for data lines on bulk scans. Also, for those hardcore researchers, unfortunately, we can only run one scan at a time.

I tested TA and OAXRAY at the same time and went with TA. I've never had any issues with support, but also haven't had any serious issues to need them that I can recall. I used TA extensively for Black Friday research.

Is it worth it? It is to me.
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