All Around 5**** Product and Service

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All Around 5**** Product and Service
20 Jan 2017
What was good about this product or service overall?

This is by far the most powerful sourcing tool in the market. Nothing comes close to it. It empowers you to source from hundreds of sites and the list keeps growing everyday. On top of that, it allows you to set your own parameters for your sourcing however you see it fitting to your model. It even allows an advanced option for more sophisticated users to build upon the program.

I like it best for its book sourcing capability. This alone saves me a ton for I don't have to sign up for a separate book sourcing tool and another for other products.

It allows various sourcing approaches for various business models. If you are a wholesaler, bookseller, AZ to AZ flipper, there is something for everyone. You have to try it to see for yourself. Words do not do justice. There is a 10 day trial. Take advantage of it.

The Program is web-based. What this means for you. You can source on the go from anywhere. You can be on your iPhone and be sourcing.

You can leave and turn off your computer and leave it running and get back to a list waiting for you. Best yet, set it up before bed and let it work for you while you're asleep.

The service as well is "tops'. Alex and his team are very responsive not just in the area of "issue resolution", but are also very receptive to "product development" ideas. They not only speak it, they actually "act on it".

Could anything have been better?
There is always room for improvement but I think it's asking too much. For what the value it brings to my business at the moment, it is worth every penny.
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