A must have tool

A review of Tactical Arbitrage by JacekR
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A must have tool
21 Jan 2017
What was good about this product or service overall?
TA literally finds money for me while I sleep. I was an early adopter and have watched TA grow and improve in immeasurable ways. As a result, my business has grown exponentially because sourcing is just so much easier and faster now.

Product Search, Amazon Flips, Book Search, Reverse Search, Product Variations...it's all there! Don't see your favorite store yet? Just suggest it to Alex or add it yourself! TA has an advanced panel which allows you to do just that!

Data analysis is top notch. You can sort by ROI, Rank, # of Sellers, Profit etc. etc. Built-in Keepa charts aid in decision making. All of the data is exportable at the touch of a button for further analysis.

Could anything have been better?
There is always room for improvement, but Alex is immediately on top of any pain points reported by the community.

How was the support?
Fantastic. The few times I've had to ask for support, Alex replied personally.
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