Painful death

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Painful death
22 Jan 2017
It was good for me while it lasted. Everything was fine. They made minor changes for me and followed up on problems quickly. Then it died. No response from support email. Had to look up the website on WhoIs to get a phone number. Although denying any knowledge of AuctionLinc, the person knew the name of the person I was dealing with at AuctionLinc. Website came back up and operated fine except the data was seven months old. Never got another response from them about that. Appears to be dead now.
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Re: Painful death
11 Feb 2017
I had the same experience so when it came to renewal I didn't pay as there is no point paying for a service when they are not even up and running and the worst thing is they don't care about you at all.
When they started the business I recon about 2-3 years back they were pretty good and about 12 to 15 months back they started showing attitude.
The took one year subscription money and then asked me to pay again when it was only like 8 to 9 months. I was really pissed off as that's like stealing.
Unless they get their act together noone I recon will go with them
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