Ebay software for non windows environment

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Ebay software for non windows environment
21 Feb 2008

Was wondering if anyone could help. I have set up a new desktop pc with a Linux based operating system (ubuntu) for various reasons as it has many advantages. However i have a problem in that I have existing eBay software licenses (such as the excellent Prospector tool) that I use all the time but obivously is specific to windows. What I wanted to ask is whether anyone knows of any standard online auction desktop software for searching/buying etc on ebay that would be linux compatible?

Thanks in advnce.
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Re: Ebay software for non windows environment
23 Feb 2008
I think it will be hard to find a good software for Linux like this, this market is too specific and many commercial vendors don't develop for Linux.

I think your best bet is to use Wine or similar wrappers. This way you can keep the same software you got used to.

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Re: Ebay software for non windows environment
23 Feb 2008
There are also web-based tools and Java-based programs like AuctionSieve and JBidWatcher.
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Re: Ebay software for non windows environment
27 Feb 2008
You could use InnoTek VirtualBox and set up a virtual machine. I run a very light version of Win2K (but you can use XP no problem - I'm not sure about Vista) in Ubuntu for reasons just like these. It doesn't give all the USB and peripheral functionality (out of the box, I'm sure a linux guru could though), but otherwise works pretty well.

It can share the clipboard and designated folders between it. Keep all my data in a shared folder actually off the virtual machine, so if I have a problem I can just delete the Virtual Machine and start again.

Its not ideal - but the rest of Ubuntu is worth it!

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