I was not able to "expand" with Expandly....

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I was not able to "expand" with Expandly....
24 Jan 2017
The price seemed attractive. I think all software is absurdly overpriced in this space, so this one looked great.

This tool is in BETA and is by no means ready for real businesses to run as mission critical infrastructure. I could not even get my Accounts linked for at least a week. The account setup windows are unintuitive. There was no LOG telling me the Error Messages, nor any clues provided on how the Integration was going. I just kept logging onto a blank screen day after day while I waited for support. I struggled to get going big time, and it was 10 days before I was even moving past Step 1. Amazon took 4 or 5 tries to finally pull some listings, eBay took about 24 hours to show any products, and Shopify NEVER came through period. Support wouldn't even address Shopify problem.

There were errors and failures at every step of my Trial: Adding accounts, Importing listings, Missing skus, Missing images, products not synced, time to updates are TOO LONG......seriously this is one of the slowest updating systems on earth.

How was the support?
Hideous. You are starting a NEW company and you work 20 hours per week? If you are going to start a NEW company with Beta Software in the ecommerce space, you better answer all Support Tickets within 1 hour not 48-72 HOURS and have gurus handy at least 18 hours per day. Real Ecommerce business works 24/7, it doesn't take weekends and holidays. If you are going to SUPPORT an Ecommerce business, you need to always be available within hours. My simple listing tool provider Wonder Lister is not mission critical and they meet this criteria, WHY CAN'T YOU?

These guys took 1 WEEK to get back to me and then argued with me to the point of making me furious. I've been doing this 20 YEARS you fools, and you sit there and try to tell me I have no idea what I'm talking about. I have enough knowledge in this space to start my own Company, which I will probably do in the next year or two.

I will never understand how these "Software Companies" come along and act like they are God when their scripts are total garbage. I get sick of the attitude. I WOULDN'T BOTHER YOU unless I had a real problem, and I had already exhausted every single avenue of solving it.

HELP Files were sorely lacking in troubleshooting steps to get around any issues, and they don't have an Issues / Bug Tracker board or User Forums to work with other folks to sort out difficulties.

This company needs to STOP taking user signups until they can really figure out how to integrate with systems and pull ALL Listings, Skus, Images, Fields and link up these products flawlessly :-(

Software in this space must be 100% PERFECT, BULLET-PROOF, never missing key details, verifying every record in the database and self-correcting errors so that sellers don't have to BABYSIT the tool. To this day I've never seen one, but I keep trying :-(

Signup 12/24 - reported all issues to Support, many more tickets 12/25-12/27
Response 12/28 - answer: Amazon not "added correctly" so delete everything and start over. many more tickets 12/29 - 1/2
Response 1/2 - Shopify doesn't need any "check connection" it just works. LOL
Response 1/3 - nothing is wrong, everything appears to be working. ????
Response 1/6 - Your trial is over, do you need anything further from us?

My experience with ALL Multi-Channel "inventory management" systems is horrific. The egomaniacs in this space do not give a "f" about whether their software works or not, whether you are getting VALUE for money spent.

Gary's final response was:

"Thank you for your reply.
I will, of course, look into this and get these resolved as quickly as possible for you. Would it be possible to tell me exactly what you require from the system so we can be sure to meet your requirements and provide you with a system you are happy with, please?"

I sent 72 Paragraphs already! Thanks for the "1 day trial extension" offer.

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