eBay listing/inventory tool

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eBay listing/inventory tool
1 Feb 2017
Hello, I used to be a moderate Seller on eBay ,averaging about 1000-1500 listings in my Ebay Store.I have since had to take a hiatus ,and am now looking for a Listing Tool to help with my needs , as I am done with Turbo Lister.My needs are very basic when it comes to it . I list collectible,toys,posters,comic books,etc.My main question is , is there a way to *save* listings , and once I am able to build up an Inventory (of lets say 100 listings) then be able to launch them to a Fixed Price all at once ? This just allows me to build my Inventory as we save Inventory until as needed .The 2nd question is , lets say I then list / launch these 100 listings to Ebay , will these Inventoried Items be *lost* using SixBit, or will I be able to access these stored Inventoried items at a later date ?Any help would be appreciated.
Josh Burch.

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Re: eBay listing/inventory tool
7 Feb 2017

100% the best and only choice in this space is WonderLister. It is by far the cheapest, fastest, and most feature rich. It has Amazon fields built in if you ever need those and you can do unlimited customizations for exporting website products. We moved to WonderLister when eBay discontinued Blackthorne. Also you will get true support, their team is available nearly 24/7 and there are help files and user forums.
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Re: eBay listing/inventory tool
12 Feb 2017
Maybe you have better choices out there. But if your requirements are simple, then I think it would be better to have a look at Selling Manager Pro.

Selling Manager Pro is free for first-time subscribers for the first 30 days, and free to all Premium and Anchor eBay Store subscribers. After the trial period, the cost is £4.99 (eBay UK, for US check the US site.).
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Re: eBay listing/inventory tool
14 Feb 2017
Why is everyone suggesting alternatives that arent even a windows app? You could check out dewabit.com as it is really a windows alternative for Turbo Lister.
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Re: eBay listing/inventory tool
14 Feb 2017

markman wrote:

Why is everyone suggesting alternatives that arent even a windows app?
Wonder Lister IS Windows software.

Selling Manager Pro is cloud-based (accessed via the eBay site).
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Re: eBay listing/inventory tool
20 Feb 2017
@3rd-Venue Thanks for this Pinter.

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