CRM/ERP to connect with Shopify?

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CRM/ERP to connect with Shopify?
2 Feb 2017
Hi all,
I'm running 2 different shops on Shopify, and starting to think maybe i need some ERP/inventory system. Are there any of those worth trying? Is it possible to integrate such things? I've seen Brightpearl but not sure.

Has anyone experienced/worked this out?
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Re: CRM/ERP to connect with Shopify?
7 Feb 2017
@larry_JP Hey! I use Skubana, we have Shopify plus a bunch of other marketplaces. I personally love their software, just not too sure if their available in the Ukraine or not.
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Re: CRM/ERP to connect with Shopify?
11 Feb 2017
We have deleted a post from this thread because it's against our rules for suppliers to post recommending their own products.

No more posts from suppliers please unless the original poster specifically says that they wants their input. Suppliers are allowed to send PMs about their products/services.
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Re: CRM/ERP to connect with Shopify?
12 Feb 2017

You could have a look at Linnworks. It integrates with our Shopify and WooCommerce sites as well as with eBay, Amazon and a whole lot more.

Their system is used world wide.

It is not perfect, but I don't think any software ever will be.
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