Valuable business tool for multi-marketplace sellers.

A review of Sellbrite by rednailsw1
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Valuable business tool for multi-marketplace sellers.
2 Feb 2017
I originally signed up with Sellbrite for one particular marketplace that required inventory updates. I have since found it quite useful in many other ways I never thought about initially. A quick glance to the home page tells me what my status is across all marketplaces, revenue, what is selling and what isn't. I can quickly get sales information on specific items that I can't get anywhere else.

I know there are features available to me that I haven't even had a chance to use yet, and I plan to take advantage of all that I can. I initially thought the service was a bit expensive, but now that I have had a chance to really use it, I can say it's definitely worth the money.

The site is very easy to use, even for someone like me who isn't technical at ALL. And when there are times I need help, the customer service has been outstanding.

Right now the only cons I can think of are that it doesn't have all marketplaces available, but the ones missing are very small sellers for us anyway (Amazon Japan and Bonanza for example) but they are adding new options all the time, so I'm sure at some point they will all be there.

I have not used other like-services, so I can't compare them. What I did like about Sellbrite though when I was shopping around is that, unlike other companies, their fees are given to you upfront, and they do not force you into a contract. This honest approach and the ease of use of the site was what sold me. I just paid for another year in advance (got a 2 month discount this way!), so clearly I don't plan to go anywhere else anytime soon.
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