Worst investment for my business I ever made!

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Worst investment for my business I ever made!
3 Feb 2017
Unless you are rocking some serious numbers, like well over 100k DO NOT sign up for Channel Advisor. I was told that just by using CA my business would grow, it didn't. The training is terrible, they seem to get pissed if you ask too many questions or if your not getting it right away.

The program is very complicated and very time consuming. To really use it you will need a full time person to manage it. This program made things so much harder, costing time and money.

Oh, and be prepared, very very expensive! Way off the charts. What's ridicules? Even after you pay 11k or more to sign up, to actually learn how to use the program you have to pay $750.00 per module! Nuts!

I was so excited when my year was up. When I put in my request to cancel, I was told I went over my contract by a week or two. Yeah so? They tell me if you don't put your request in at least 30 days before your contract is up, you are automatically renewed, thus costing you another $11,000.00! They WILL NOT let me cancel! Great service... NOT!

There are so many other great options, choose one of them!

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Re: Worst investment for my business I ever made!
9 Feb 2017
@biz4bjones Thank you for taking the time to write your review. We're sorry that you did not have a great experience. We cannot identify your account name from this post, but would like to discuss your experience and concerns. Please contact us at info@ChannelAdvisor.com.
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