A non transparent company that do as they please.

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A non transparent company that do as they please.
6 Feb 2017
I am a large seller, shipping over 600 items per day, I must say it started off very well. HOWEVER they moved from a desktop application to Linnworks.net.

I asked at this time if I could keep using desktop and would all the features stay the same.... I was advised it would NOT change and all the features would stay. Shortly after import/export got removed from the desktop version. Now today I want to use the 2D royal mail barcode and it is only available on linnworks.net so no update. you may say "well use linnworks.net" it is slow, sticky, freezes, not easy to use, awful looking interface and just gives no confidence.

I was advised this year 2017 that the prices would go up but they never told me it was £100 per month if what they class as inflation (but I get support now)

I would love to attach a support ticket I raised a over week ago on the support site that is still showing as "being processed" and the phone call I took a short video of at 37mins, I was still on hold listening to a pre-recorded voice over stating someone would be along soon.

To put it into context, I feel I am committed to this company simply because of the amount of effort I put into setting up my stock system and integrations. They know this and basically play on it.
I have never dealt with a company with no morals, and totally not transparent in fact it is run like a 1980s corporate institute.
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Klaas Schippers - Linnworks
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Re: A non transparent company that do as they please.
20 Feb 2017
Hello John,

Sorry to hear about these concerns. Unfortunately I was not able to identify you as a client of ours from the information provided here, but I would ask if you can please contact us on management@linnsystems.com so we can discuss this further, as it seems there are some points you might not be aware of and we can assist moving forwards.

To address some specifics;

- We do intend to continue supporting Desktop. However, it will not be possible for all features to stay functionally identical, as our infrastructure changes and we need to add new features in response to e-commerce trends. Some features may be replaced or retired over time, and it may not be possible to make new features backwards-compatible with the old tools in some cases.

- The Desktop 'legacy' import tool remains available through a shortcut if it is needed. However, we strongly recommend using the Linnworks.Net tool as it has more functionality and is both more stable and more secure.

- It is possible to print 2D barcoded Royal Mail labels through Desktop if you wish, as we ensured this function was backwards-compatible. The one exception due to technical hurdles is that you must manifest via .Net at the end of the day.

- The prices did indeed change early this year after a period of notice; the first time we have done this for existing clients since the companies' inception. For some clients this was actually cheaper, for others like yourself it led to an increase in cost but also an increase in the available services and support. In either case, we feel the prices fairly reflect Linnwork's value against competing products, and we're still one of if not the most cost-effective solutions for the functionality we offer.

Regarding your concerns on support availability/responses, without your account details it's difficult to confirm these or assist further, but I hope you'll reach out to me so I can investigate this, as that should not be a typical experience with our team.

I hope to hear from you soon,

Kind Regards,
Joshua Neale
Customer Experience Manager
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