Is NOT Solid. Avoid. Like the PLAGUE!

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Is NOT Solid. Avoid. Like the PLAGUE!
7 Feb 2017
Of all the possible choices that exist in this space, we have looked seriously into about 30 of them. We spent a small fortune in time, energy, and money back in 2010 for SC and it was a complete disaster. We had to threaten to sue to get our money back.

So in 2014 we thought we would give it another shot. NO SUCH thing as a free trial. Before you even get a peek at what the software will / won't do, you have to sign a contract and give them at least $500 - $1000 down.

Next you have NO HELP files, no video tutorials, no instructions. Their model is you must have a dedicated account manager who can only talk to you within a set time, once per day. There could not be a worse way to do support / training than this. Business owners / IT managers are way too busy for this, and it is impossible to get everyone in the building to sit down at the same time for "training".

How it works: We are really not sure, because we never saw it actually work. We had very clean data with eBay / Amazon having the same sku and under 1,000 active listings. The very first day we began to notice oversells, missing listings, rogue listings, etc. We spent about 2.5 months trying....

We opened up over 100 support tickets to try to clean up the inaccuracies, but it could never get done. This is a brief list of all the deal breakers we experienced:

1. No detailed documentation or User Forums. Everything is with your Account Rep once per day or support email whenever

2. Missing listings. There were constantly items missing, we could never one time get our Live Listing Count in SC to match reality

3. Rogue listings. We could never delete an inactive item. Deleted from Amazon, it would stay in SC forever. End / Delete an Ebay ad in SC, then delete from Ebay, it would come back later and relist to ebay. Madness!!

4. Missing Images. We could never get a clean screen with all our images showing for all our products. 100% of our items had compliant, importable images. Missed the Description frequently and Store Category.

5. Cannot count. Inventory management was not satisfactory. We had 100's of low quantity, fast moving items on both Ebay / Amazon. SC could not begin to keep up and we had oversells every single day we used it.

6. Cannot change. They have some very old school code written 10+ years ago and they cannot update it. Basically this is a company that is stuck in the past and are not writing new CODE and developing new API TOOLS to keep up with ecommerce. They REFUSE to adapt new technologies and get away from the old dead horse. This company is SO FAR BEHIND it feels like Windows 3.1 here.

7. Bizarre use of Microsoft Excel. This stupid thing is from hell. You have to install an Excel Com Add-In to manipulate any data through your desktop (which is the SELLING POINT of Solid Commerce). Today's computers won't even support it, so it is constantly crashing, freezing windows, throwing errors, triggering anti-virus, and giving you blank screens. When you finally get some data to populate IT IS CONFUSING and convoluted to work with. Even the most technically literate will not have the patience to learn this tool. And the actions you take here will not actually be written as live data on the site, 100% errors. This feature is NON-FUNCTIONAL you are limited to MANUAL DATA CHANGES on the site itself

8. Early & forward billing + revenue share. This company is desperate for money and has a very high turnover. If your bill is due the 16th, frequently they charged on the 12th or 13th. And you are always paying the rest of this month plus the next full month.

The only reason there is not 5,000 Negative Reviews here is because most people are in a fight for their survival and do not have time for this extra effort, nor do most know about these review boards and jump to the next tool like us.

Multi-Channel software is a very broken and TERRIBLE part of our industry as a rule.
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Re: Is NOT Solid. Avoid. Like the PLAGUE!
8 Oct 2017
@3rd-Venue Hey man,
You completely right why they don't have 5K negative reviews
Whatever you described here were exactly happening with our listings on eBay and Amazon, back in 2015, when we were working with them. They were never able to fix those errors. Oversold items every day, picture issues, missing listings, etc... I had to switch to Sure Done, which is worse.

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