Just DOUBLED their prices :-(

A review of Sellbrite by 3rd-Venue
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Just DOUBLED their prices :-(
7 Feb 2017
I was all set to go with Sellbrite. It handled MCF ok, and seemed to not miss stock changes. BLISTERING fast imports and did not miss a single item. Impressive!

Their column layouts are hideous however. You cannot add / remove / re-order / resize columns. How on earth do software designers put out such junk, and they NEVER use it, and they NEVER follow commonly accepted practices (how about doing it exactly like Amazon SELLER CENTRAL??).

It is not capable of figuring out that FBA inventory and Merchant Fulfill on the same ASIN is the same product. You will literally have to manually connect each and every one of these dual Amazon products, a serious time waster. We were not able to just import Amazon , FBA, and eBay and make all that Sync up right away. I spent days and days in here and it still didn't make sense.

Do you import FBA first and then attach MF ads? Or the other way around? One way would show a Total of FBA + MF on the Main Grid, but then change the MF to also include the FBA units in Live Qty. (wrong, we never EVER want to drop ship an FBA item on an MF sale, almost no one would). Doing it the other way would keep them separate, BUT you had to go into the sub page of each product to see the separate QTY for FBA or Merchant Fulfilled. Why was this not visible on the main grid, which was a deal breaker? We either had to risk Drop Shipping MF orders from our own FBA to get the data to look exactly how we wanted or click into each product one by one to see our ACTUAL FBA INVENTORY. Really, who thought this one up?

There were many positives here and many head scratchers. It is clear that no one who actually sells on Amazon & Ebay is consulting with the design team. It boggles the mind that all these Multi-Channel Software peddlers don't actually have teams of real life MC sellers who will control the design , layout , GUI, data flow, column order, etc!!!

MCF worked flawlessly, so it became clear that the only market for this tool is a Seller who has huge FBA inventory they want to drop ship for Ebay / Website customers. It really isn't any value for all other types of sellers.

It was almost a winner and I was communicating with the CEO just fine. Then on Jan 1, I realize they have just doubled their cost to me. I wasn't happy paying $199, now you want $345? CEO told me to go pound sand. WTH, how about you SOLVE THE PROBLEMS I REPORTED FIRST and really make me some money and help me triple my revenues with your fantastic product offerings that don't waste my time in a beautiful properly designed GUI that I would help you create?

Then we'll talk about a price increase, until then, good bye :-(

It is crystal clear that the vast majority of the companies here in the Multi-Channel category have a business model of getting a handful of people paying $500+ per month so they don't have to do much work. If you have 50 people paying you $500 per month, then you have a really fat income for a 2 - 3 person company. Their goal IS NOT TO MAKE ME MONEY, it is to make THEM MONEY. They could all care less if the value is truly there for the customer. They could care less if I am wasting needless mouse clicks, frustrated with Columns, or have to click into another page to get critical data. This is a seriously selfish segment of our industry and little progress is being made. I started seriously shopping for these tools 7+ years ago. After $15,000,000 in sales I still have not found one that I will pay the price for what it actually does.


Where is the real solution that will help my company GROW and SCALE the business actually give me true ROI and no headaches? Ahhh....the search continues :-(

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Re: Just DOUBLED their prices :-(
16 Feb 2017
@3rd-Venue I'm pretty disappointed by your review. I also reviewed your previous conversations with my partner, Mike, and I understand that you are frustrated with the price of software on the market, which I will address below.

First though, I don't appreciate that you stated that I told you to "pound sand." I have never even talked to you before, and even if I did, I would never be that disrespectful to my customers.

In your review, you do raise some fair and good points regarding things like column sorting, and we are just about to release some updates to address that. But other things you critiqued are not fair, and are either due to limitations from the channel itself or are designed that way for a reason. For instance, you mention that our system can't determine that FBA inventory and Merchant Fulfilled inventory on the same ASIN is the same product. Well, Amazon requires two separate SKUs and separate listings for your FBA inventory and your MF inventory, even if they are the same ASIN. And since Sellbrite inventory is based on unique SKUs, these become separate items in Sellbrite as well. We have to work within the parameters that the channels set.

You also stated that it was "clear that no one who actually sells on Amazon & eBay is consulting with the design team." I personally have over 20 years of ecommerce experience and more than 10 years of multi-channel experience. My company did over $40MM per year on Amazon, eBay, Sears and other channels, so I know what it takes to win in this space. The rest of our team also has years of experience. I only say that to show that it isn't because of lack of experience that our solution is not perfect, which it isn't. Designing and building a simple, intuitive, and powerful multi-channel solution is extremely difficult and expensive, and until you have done it yourself, I don't feel that it is fair to critique.

Regarding pricing: As I mentioned, it is extremely expensive to build, maintain, operate and support a complex solution like Sellbrite. The amount of computing power required to process the millions of automated processes happening every minute across the terabytes of data requires a massive infrastructure. The team of developers we have are expensive. The Customer Success team we employ to help our customers every day cost a lot of money. It all adds up. This is not 2-3 guys getting rich off of you. We are a legitimate company that employs lots of people, and we are trying to build something that makes a difference. We're not perfect, but we're constantly trying to improve. We cannot possibly charge $40/m and keep the lights on. There's just no way. And frankly, if you value your time at all, you are getting MUCH more than $40 of value from our software every month anyway. Please consider all of this before coming down so harshly on Sellbrite and other software companies.

I kindly ask that you reconsider your 1-star review. Sellbrite is not a 1-star service.


Brian Nolan
CEO, Sellbrite
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Re: Just DOUBLED their prices :-(
15 Mar 2017

I do know that if you want to raise Revenue the very LAST thing you do is DOUBLE your prices. Revenue is built from promotions, referral credits, incentives, sales, affiliate partners, ongoing discounts, and RELATIONSHIPS with people who love you because you solved their problem. Normal businesses come up with an acceptable model and take a slight increase of 3-5% here and there, continually driving revenue through other things that drive revenue. They never take an increase unless they can JUSTIFY it to their users by a release of new features, elimination of design problems, etc.

In my conversations with Mike, I was crystal clear about the issues I was encountering which were acknowledged. I could not get to a working system in 2 weeks, so I thought I was going to get an extension of the trial and help you guys work on your design for free, be a beta tester, and help market your products when perfected.

I do appreciate your position, you just aren't going to WIN the way you are going about it. In my 37 years of business (21 in Ecommerce), I have NEVER seen any company win with a sudden 100% price increase. I can only remember when you double prices you not only lose existing customers, you alienate new ones from coming in and shut the door to all who were on the fence. Also you create many bad vibes and really tick people off and they TALK about it a LOT. I was literally just getting ready to put in my credit card.

You clearly are design challenged. There are no limitations on your side of this equation. It is not difficult to Automagically Join two SKU's which are attached to the same ASIN and simply present them as 2 qty of the same ASIN under 2 different Sku. I could do this in Microsoft Access in 1994. Very simple coding challenge here for your high priced devs. No one will want to Drop Ship their own FBA Inventory to an Amazon Buyer. I cannot envision a scenario to use that, but in Sellbrite, it's a thing. It makes zero sense, just let Amazon Prime ship it, FBA Qty should NEVER be in MF inventory counts!. In order to see your Inventory on the Grid, you have to start with FBA sku and then add the other sku WHICH ADDS FBA QTY to the Merchant Fulfilled Sku, and then you cannot see them separated unless you open each product!! Horrible ideas!!

So in fact Sellbrite does not have an automated system for combining Inventory here. You must go through your 1000's or 10,000's of records and MANUALLY join these FBA inventory Sku to the other Multi-Channel Inventory so you can see it all in one place. Search Each one, then add the correct one, and it takes about a day to get through a few 100. With 10,000 records it would take about a month just to get started managing Inventory. When I mentioned this, I was not presented with any options for doing this quickly.

I discussed all the major deal breakers with Mike:

1. Column Design made absolutely no sense. I wouldn't have even begun with this, let alone defend it. When there are so many perfect designs out there (like Amazon Seller Central / eBay) why would you not just use the proven model. Columns should WRAP data, not cutting my SKU off. They should NOT be resizable in a web browser, they should be added / removed and RE-ordered the way the user wants.

2. FBA inventory needing to be manually added to the other Inventory. This is very time consuming and unnecessary. It should be done in the Code, which is quite possible. You are not limited by Amazon, you simply join their records into 1 product in your system.

3. Cannot see all inventory on the Grid. After I did all this manual work, I still cannot see my FULL Inventory on any product on the Grid. In order to see the actual Inventory in all locations in FBA I had to click open Each Product 1-at-a-time to view that.

4. Pricing

I apologize for being so harsh. Pricing should be negotiable, especially in light of the above experiences :-)
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Re: Just DOUBLED their prices :-(
16 Mar 2017
@3rd-Venue Our base price increased from $179 to $220, which is far from doubling, but worth every penny.

I'm sorry Sellbrite did not meet your needs. I would recommend finding an Amazon-specific service that is centered around ASINs, rather than a multi-channel solution, like Sellbrite, that is centered around SKUs.

Best of luck.
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Re: Just DOUBLED their prices :-(
13 Jun 2017
@3rd-Venue. Thanks for the good review. I am in the same boat as you. I have been limping by on different platforms for the last 15 years. It doesnt seem like it should be so difficult to put together a good solution. I just put in notice to my current platform that I will not be renewing my contract. I have long been thinking that a good entreprenuer could own this market. In the meantime, I am in desparate need of a new solution. I am looking at Shopify with inkFrog and Channel Advisor.
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Re: Just DOUBLED their prices :-(
20 Jul 2017

Yep, From $79 to $249... that's my price increase for Sellbrite, and it is still buggy!!

To make mcf work is a challenge..it just doesn't.

Was looking for an alternative, for the price it should be so simple and it isn't
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Re: Just DOUBLED their prices :-(
10 Aug 2017
IF not Sellbrite, then which multichannel platform would you recommend? You read like you know your stuff.


Steve Pagac
Stephen Pagac
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Re: Just DOUBLED their prices :-(
12 Sep 2017

I have to vouch for Sellbrite here to some degree.

I bothered them for over two years, without giving them a penny. I urged them on, pushed them when I could. We finally signed up this year when we figured they were ready for us. The CEO, upper management and support have never spoken to us in a way that would make me think twice.

The software isn't perfect. NONE is. The listing alone is worth the price. I don't think the price is expensive at all- maybe it is if you do $2000/month, but after that it pays for itself pretty quickly.

Sometimes the Walmart integration has some issues, but we're not sure if they're specific to us or not. Otherwise, no issues. Not with listing, sorting, etc. We'd love to see the inventory sort move faster, but we also have well over 100k skus.

We've done SellerActive, SolidCommerce, Webgility, Ecomdash, Monsoon(when it was Stoneedge), tested SellerCloud and Skubana, used ETail....so needless to say we've done our homework over the years. This is the best one we've had.

Perfect? No. Good for medium ecom sellers? Yes.

ChannelAdvisor? Really? Do your homework!

Right now we've just developed a tool to integrate Sellbrite with Quickbooks, as well, so that giant PIA is out of the way!

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Re: Just DOUBLED their prices :-(
2 Oct 2017
How about QuickBooks?

How and where Sellbrite is offering accounting integration? I can't believe there is no QB integrationg with this.
According to current users, there has been a few increases in price and Sellbrite should be able to offer this solution already.

@admin: you mentioned "Right now we've just developed a tool to integrate Sellbrite with Quickbooks, as well, so that giant PIA is out of the way!" Do you mind sharing some information here? Thank you!
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Re: Just DOUBLED their prices :-(
7 Jan 2019
this thread is a little old but did Sellbrite figure out a way to handle FBA & Merchant Fulfilled inventory?
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