Wasted so much time

A review of Xpress Lister by veronicalee213
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Wasted so much time
9 Feb 2017
It's our fault for not reading all the instructions, BUT why would a software enable such features?

1. If you link, then un-link products, your listings will END and re-list as new listings.
- Yes, you'll get charged if you max out your free monthly listings.
- No, eBay cannot help you since the error was due to a 3rd party.

2. Any changes made directly on ebay will get revised back to the old information. Xpress Lister refreshes its data and does not take new edits into account.

3. Inventory can be imported onto the Xpress Lister, but they don't make Mapping Categories mandatory. So, the inventory weight and dimensions were converted incorrectly into ShipStation, permanently.
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Re: Wasted so much time
16 May 2017

Whilst we don't agree that the software warrants a 1 star review, your comments were valuable feedback.

Based on feedback from you and other sellers, the software has been updated to alleviate all the concerns you had. Specifically:

Edits can now be made on Xpress Lister or eBay and changes are reflected in both.
Unlinking is no longer possible such that listings end (you have to specifically end listings for them to end).
Weights and dimensions convert correctly.

We hope sellers interested in solving their eBay listing & management problems actually read beyond the star ratings and look for context and feedback because whilst it is far quicker and easier to interpret a star rating than it is to read reviews, they can misleading especially if they are out of date as in this case.

We'd also point out that as with most review systems, they are heavily weighted towards negative review because there isn generally little incentive for users happy with a product to leave a positive review. There are over 1,000 Xpress Lister users (many gained before the software update). If the product was really rated as 1 star, that wouldn't be the case.
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Re: Wasted so much time
30 Dec 2017
Couldn't agree more. This is a load of rubbish.
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