Using retail trend data to grow your business

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Using retail trend data to grow your business
13 Feb 2017
Thought you all may be interested in this article, it explores the idea that there's a goldmine of shopper insights in publicly available from data sources like:
  • Online Shopping and E-Commerce by The Pew Research Center
  • Global Connected Commerce Report by Nielsen
  • Total Retail Survey Report by PwC
  • UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper by UPS
  • And constantly updated resources like Shopping Insights from Google

  • It also gives practical examples of how you can use these insights to grow your business for example:

    Say you read that privacy and security is still a big issue for most online consumers. To build trust, you can add security badges and copy to your website, product pages, and checkout process that helps remind your customers that their information will be kept safe and protected when they buy from you.

    To test the effectiveness of this tactic, include trust badges on some product pages and leave them off of others. See how conversions are impacted over time, then based on findings, make permanent adjustments across your store.

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