How Does Currency Impact Your business

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How Does Currency Impact Your business
13 Feb 2017
Currency Index specialise in currency exchange and international payments for Amazon online sellers. We provide these services via some of the largest liquidity providers in the world, which enables us to obtain the very best rates for our clients and payments solutions that work alongside your own banking, lowering your costs, simplifying your processes and ultimately improving your profitability.

With regard to your online sales with Amazon, we can offer you a unique service to enable you to avoid the 5% exchange loss that occurs each time Amazon repatriate your Euros from sales across their European websites. Amazon have a rule that they will only make a payment to a bank account in the currency of the country where the bank account is held. This means as a UK seller, even if you have a UK Euro account you cannot get your Euros, as they will only pay you in Sterling, as your accounts are in the UK. We have bank accounts in Europe and as such you can give our European based Euro client account details to Amazon as your designated settlement account, and you will receive Euros into that account without an Amazon exchange having taken place. You are then in control of when the exchange takes place, and critically you will achieve a significantly more competitive exchange rate thanks to Currency Index’s exchange service. We have worked for a number of years with various companies who sell on Amazon, including digital camera and watch distributors and during that time we have saved them tens of thousands of Pounds purely on the exchange ra