Expandly - makes multi platform ecommerce stressful

A review of Expandly by SEP
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Expandly - makes multi platform ecommerce stressful
14 Feb 2017
I have been working with Expandly for over six months with the aim of integrating our two XCart stores, our eBay store and Amazon store into a single user interface to manage and synchronize approx 4000 different product lines and the sales that this generates.

The process has been a long and complicated one full of problems, software glitches and data corruption leaving me very frustrated.

Expandly listened in detail to our exact needs and took the time to understand exactly what we needed. They assured me that there systems could provide a working solution and meet our requirements and as such we agreed to go ahead.

The result was that Expandly then developed a new feature into their software to provide a product import / merge function that pulled in all the product data from our multiple sales platforms and combined the products into a single data set taking care of synchronizing the stock levels and matching SKU's to avoid duplication of products. I don't doubt they had the best of intentions but the trouble is it didn't really work as promised as it cant handle the stock sync of variant products.

To make matters worse Expandly then corrupted the data of over 500 of our eBay listings on a weekend by over writing the prices, stock levels and titles creating 14 man hours of manual correction work which I had to undertake myself and a large number of unhappy eBay customers.

Throughout this process their customer support and communication has been good. I generally received quick responses to my email communications and regular progress updates by telephone but I didn't always feel as though they really grasped the severity of the implications that their mistakes have on my business.

I have taken some very serious financial hits along this journey as a result of loss of sales and additional man hours required on our side correcting Expandly related data corruption not to mention our upset customers.

Expandly's Royal Mail label printing function is by no means ready for market and desperately requires additional work to make it an effective tool. The basic navigation in Expandly is clunky and full of snags and unpredictability and the system as a whole is slow, sometimes painfully so. This system is very much in a state of development.

Expandly's phone system is very quiet making telephone conversations extremely challenging and their software development team is located in India which creates a whole new set of challenges in itself.

I don't doubt that the Expandly team are fundamentally good guys who are trying their best to please customers whilst the ongoing development of their product is underway but as a company I feel they lack the professional experience to deliver a slick working solution at this stage. Ride out the rough development phase though and they might, just possibly have a cracking product ahead, time will tell.

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Re: Expandly - makes multi platform ecommerce stressful
29 May 2017
Thanks. Interesting to read....I'm with Linnworks but tired of slow support (they seem to reply when they like), glitches. Been looking at plentymarkets too - wondering if this actually has a more solid foundation that some of these newer visually-nice ones.
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