New ebay affiliate software

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New ebay affiliate software
11 Mar 2008
Hello, I hope everyone will take a minute to preview this flash presentation and web site below. This software is exclusively owned by Mynet universe inc.. I would appreciate any feedback. Have a great day. Dennis Porter watch Flash preview get free "genie" demo

1. eBay is a house hold name: "all time attention getter" do you have 3 minutes to
learn how to make additional income with Ebay" Watch the movie
2. get your Free genie do a "demo" and first search

Ebay and MSG is integrated and Certified to work together.
Call me please be in front of your computer, I need 10 minutes to do a Free Demo, to show
you how the Ebay Certified software works!! This is fun and simple to do!

Ebay Compatable Application right on our Web Site!!! (read below)

my shopping genie and Ebay are integrated with Ebay's Commission Junction. This is how Ebay knows
who to pay. The genie is "coded" to the person who registers and sets up there account with Ebay! From
the affiliates back office they enter in there CJ pid# from Ebay, and there "genie' is set for life!
Ebay than pays commissions directly to the person's bank account!

please go to click on Ebay compatable application Logo!!
here is the following 2 paragraphs from EBAY!!

An eBay Compatible Application means the application was developed by a member of the eBay Developers Program and passed the Compatible Application Check process to work directly with the eBay Platform. The eBay Compatible logo is provided to members of the eBay Developers Program who have certified their applications for use with eBay Web Services. (eBay and the eBay logo are registered trademarks of eBay, Inc.)

Our privacy policy concerning our software application is simple. We do not collect, save or transmit any information about you, your computer, your search habits, your email address, your Internet connection or anything else. We also certify that our software contains no adware, spyware, malware or anything else that interferes with the operation of your computer or your privacy. Our software also has a complete uninstall function - although we can't imagine you would ever want to use it.

MyNet Universe is a Texas Corp.(see home office picture and address on web site)
many owners
President: David Freed
VP of Sales is Ed Mutto
Support, many great staff!

Ebay Cerified Programmer: Randy Blade, Certifed with Ebay for years and the Devleoper of The Genie,
gave My Net Universe the exclusive! Got the Cerification from Ebay for approved application (read above and on Web site) Patent pending!

Please feel free to call me anytime, I would love to work with you!
we are committed to building and expanding this business into 30 countrys as of now.
Ebay is a house hold name and gets people's attention like never before!
Since we have an exclusive, and it's certified, there is no competion!
The "demo' of the genie, has a Wow affect, and than people want to know
how do I make money!!

Dennis Porter

Thompson & Holt