Exceptional and very reliable

A review of ShipRush by billycarmen
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Exceptional and very reliable
24 Feb 2017
I've used ShipRush for about 8 years now and can say without a doubt it is a very intuitive, easy, powerful and reliable shipping platform. We had tried other shipping systems prior and ShipRush has been hands down the most reliable and easiest to use.

The folks at ShipRush are beyond helpful and they go far beyond to help customers. They listen to suggestions and implement additions quickly. The overall system is simple to configure requiring typically basic knowledge of your ecommerce provider and your own computer. Even when you need help the folks at Shiprush can remote into your desktop to help.

Once installed you can quickly see the advantages of using ShipRush. The ability to process and track shipments from multiple ecommerce platforms is a true pleasure and saves tons of time. We commonly process orders from our smartphones while on the road or when simply enjoying life away from our desks. ShipRush allows us to ship faster, easier and with greater precision. We also rely on it for our CRM as it is much easier to pull up a shipped order from ShipRush rather than each ecommerce platform.

Our company has excelled further because of ShipRush over any other tool we have used. It is simply a pleasure to use and we rely on it to ship worldwide.

I, as an appreciative customer, am happy to share my experiences with ShipRush and the amazing folks behind ShipRush. Feel free to reach out to me if I can help.

Sincerely and with many thanks to the ShipRush folks...
Billy Carmen
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