amazingly amazing!!!

A review of River Cleaner by Sean K
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Sean K
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amazingly amazing!!!
27 Feb 2017
What was good about this product or service overall?

It constantly prevents me from making Stooopid mistakes Basically Amazon has all these rules and suggestions, and being a regular guy with a main business my amazon income is secondary. I really don't have time to study all the rules... .but River Cleaner polices and 'cleans' my listing for me making sure it is perfect and optimized for amazons liking

AND to boot it is ALWAYS updating to catch new rules, and alert me to amazon changes... that's right amazon is always changing and I never would know about it if RC didn't give me notices about the constant adjustments the amazon army is making hahaha

Could anything have been better?

no, it is already Waaay beyond my level of expertise.

How was the support?

Great, I think the CEO never sleeps

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