Great tool! Loves it 5 stars!

A review of River Cleaner by yifat_ptk
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Great tool! Loves it 5 stars!
27 Feb 2017
What was good about this product or service overall?
As a beginner seller on Amazon, River Cleaner is helping me greatly with optimizing my ppc campaign and Amazon product listing. Ppc can be confusing as a great amount of keyword data has to be sorted on a weekly basis and with river cleaner, I am able to sort out that data and make educated choices as to which keywords I should keep and which ones should be archived. As for listing optimization, RC is terrific pointing out any problematic phrases or forbidden terms and words that should be used. It helps the seller organize the listing so it is abiding the Amazon guideline and allowing us sellers to see clearly through an ocean of do's and don't do's on Amazon.

Could anything have been better? I have not found anything that I needed beyond what river cleaner offers at this time.

How was the support?
I did not have to use the support as of today since River cleaner is so well explained and user friendly which makes it even better!
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