Blaming Amazon servers for their outage

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Blaming Amazon servers for their outage
28 Feb 2017
This is the message they are currently showing at the top of their home page :

Amazon, our hosting provider, is experiencing an issue which is causing problems with our site (and many other sites.) It's noted on their health check status page here: They're usually pretty quick about getting things fixed. We apologize for any inconvenience!

Bearing in mind their classic service is still working fine. The Open service has been down since at least 1pm this afternoon, maybe earlier. So they don't normally fix things quickly.

I will say that I've normally had very good customer service from inkFrog. They've usually answered me within half hour of my emailing. However this time I've not heard back from them in nearly 2 hours.

Sadly there are no other services out there that offer the same service the Inkfrog does, at least not if you are a Mac user. (Free image hosting with unlimited storage, scheduling etc ) So I really have no choice but to stick with them.
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Re: Blaming Amazon servers for their outage
19 Mar 2017
@Markyb Your review was very unfair since if you had read the news that day you would have seen that Amazons cloud service, that powers a third of enterprise internet with services like inkFrog, spotify, instagram etc. did completely crash and burn.
In short, it was Amazon.
I was using both inkfrog and Vendio on the same day and they both had the same outage.

If you want to be mad at anyone be mad at the responsible party.
And having used both inkfrog and vendio recently I can tell you that no one does it better then inkfrog.
They are rock solid compared to the competition and I speak of direct recent experience.
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