Why it pays to ACTIVELY evaluate your product pricing

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Why it pays to ACTIVELY evaluate your product pricing
1 Mar 2017
It could be worth analyzing your pricing to make sure you are priced optimally for the market, this can help boost sales, ensure profit growth and sustainability of your business.

Spreadsheets get more and more complicated as your business grows and it can become hard to keep track of all the moving costs and changes.

PricingEasy users succeed by having the pricing on their listings actively managed with our robust software.

By knowing exactly how much profit you are making on each listing when it sells, you can easily adjust and even bulk adjust pricing to meet your margin goals.

PricingEasy also lets you test new pricing in order to compete and increase sales while having peace of mind that you are making your intended profits.

Check out our full article here on the top 5 reasons you should actively look at your pricing to ensure profitable e-commerce growth:


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PricingEasy features include:

  • Pricing and profit intelligence and cost tracking
  • Live Inventory management with syncing across all channels
  • Multi-Channel listing capability to help you expand to new channels and grow your business
  • Purchase Order tool to send new orders to suppliers and track order progress and lead times.
  • Robust reporting of sales, profits, inventory, hot listings/products, and much more!

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