So far so good

A review of Linnworks by MrH
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So far so good
3 Mar 2017
I've been a user of LW for 8 months, starting on the free subscription. In Jan i upgraded to the Professional subscription.

The initial set up was simple enough, i imported products from eBay. Now this runs all my channels (5 in total) seamlessly. Integration with the Royal Mail DMO was simple and now all my goods in/out is controlled via this. I set up on the Expres version so didn't have the technical support if i needed it.

I've attended several of the webinars, they cover all aspects of e-tail understanding and gave me the answers i needed, even if some of the dialogue was basic - these are designed for all knowledge levels.

I've had to use technical support twice, one was an issue i'd created and locked myself out the system, this was resolved within an hour. The second was for advice that i couldn't see in the help pages. The CS agent was helpful, polite and had all the answers.

I spent a lot of time looking around for an alternative when the new pricing was announced, nothing seemed to come close. For a fee of just under £5 a day the versatility of Linnworks has allowed my business to grow from very little to now being the biggest seller in my category on eBay.

All this great stuff covered by the cost of one extra sale a day...
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Klaas Schippers - Linnworks
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Re: So far so good
8 Mar 2017


Thank you for your constructive review. Your approach of trying the free version of our software before committing has indeed the benefit of having all the functionality that our software offer such as unlimited orders and fully automating your shipping, e-mailing, etc. for free!.

When still on the free version, you have been only limited by the amount of SKU's on your database and the available channels. Making effective use of our webinars and documentation is the way to go for users of the free version of Linnworks.

Very good to hear that your business is doing so good in the eBay category you are active in. Have you thought of expanding to other online marketplaces as well? You can find a list of marketplaces you can integrate with Linnworks here:

Best regards,

Klaas Schippers

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