Using the upgraded GarageSale Listing Software GarageSale 4

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Using the upgraded GarageSale Listing Software GarageSale 4
25 Mar 2008
I bought GarageSale several versions back and used it successfully. Recently, I attempted to buy the upgrade with no success on line. Finally, while getting no satisfaction trying to get the upgrade version after sending the registration information from my earlier copy, I went on line and bought the new version for the new version price from MacMall. After reviewing the new program, I attempted to go through the tutorial supplied for it by I believe, Icoding. In the tutorial, one of the early steps is to choose the color background for the add. The following note discusses the problem I encountered. "In the first point in the tutorial - the design templates- after you choose a design template [here a Cayenne Color cube], it was stated "that once you have selected a theme feel free to collapse the color flow browser." Here this color flow browser is collapsed and there is an icon or pointer somewhat similar to this "+" that rises up the middle of the screen and finishes near the line below the NEW AUCTION BOX with the previous template gone and what seems to be the first or a similar screen to that present before selecting the pictures present. I cannot determine how to COLLAPSE THIS "COLOR FLOW BROWSER." Could you give me some clue how to proceed after choosing the color template and COLLAPSING THE COLOR BROWSER.
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Re: Using the upgraded GarageSale Listing Software GarageSal
25 Mar 2008
Hi Wild Bill,

You're not really in the right place for detailed GarageSale support.

Try their feedback form or Yahoo! Group.
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