Nothing worth having comes easy

A review of Linnworks by Gemma Price
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Gemma Price
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Nothing worth having comes easy
3 Mar 2017
We have been using Linnworks for almost four years.

In that time we have grown from a small eBay seller to an international multi channel business with £8m p/a turnover.

Linnworks has been the foundation in which we have built the business.

Without Linnworks there would be no Superfood Market.

I know alot of users say there are better options - in our professional opinion thats not true.

At times you will want to pull your hair out over it, and then when it works you will take it for granted. But without it you will never achieve the volume you need to make it worthwhile.

Plus the team are amazing.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Klaas Schippers - Linnworks
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Re: Nothing worth having comes easy
7 Mar 2017
@Gemma Price

Hello Gemma,

Thank you for your review. I am glad to hear that your company is still going strong. Your companies story is well known amongst the Linnworks staff, not in the last place because of the motivational video of your company, in which you explain your use of Linnworks:

Thank you once again,
best regards,
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