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On the fence
3 Mar 2017
More like 3.5 Stars..

I got the trial period done and I was pleased with what I saw. I started my subscription mid- February. My goal was to grow my ebay store. And then move to other channels. eBay my 1st priority.

The good.
• Only tested in one channel, eBay. The inventory was kept accurate. Changed to zero, changed to 200, testing what would the software do and how would my listings be impacted. It works as intended- I can only say that for one channel.
• I created 1 preset and that was simple to do.
• Listing to eBay was relatively easy, more screens that I would love to, but okay. However, the eBay title cannot be imported as eBay title, I put it under a “Feature” field. Nor can I import the decline value of the best offer. I know they are about to release custom fields, so this will be resolved soon, hopefully.
• Interface is clean and simple. Easy to understand.

Now, the why I am not sure what to do now. On the fence:

Losing Pictures: I had listings in eBay before I started using Sellbrite. Once I started to link some of those listings to Sellbrite, and use the CVS import to update the items, then sent updates to eBay, I lost the original pictures in eBay. I only got 1 showing. I am talking some cases 5/6 pictures lost. That might be okay for 1 or 2 listings, but, If you have hundreds and you will lose your pictures that is not good. eBay users, be aware.
• I have eBay Business Polices – others might not, and this might not be a problem for them. If I send an update for something like eBay title, I change words, submit the change. I get new Business Policies created, over and over. If you noticed from above, I only had 1 preset set up, yet, I am having duplicates-several duplicates for the same exact shipping preset. Sellbrite confirms that they do not support eBay business policies. And the problem resides with eBay. eBay is creating the duplicates , I should try to consolidate or clean up options! Made me laugh, I have been cleaning them for the last two weeks since I started Sellbrite. I only have one preset. eBay users with Business Polices, be aware.

I am surprise that a software in "partnership" with eBay does not support Business Policies, something eBay pushed into sellers.

For those two reasons I have not linked anything else, and pretty much I am paying for something that I am not fully using. As I am only monitoring the inventory of the initial free listings I created and the handful that I linked and lost the pictures.

Now to support, several reviews raved about the great support and fast response time. I have not seen that fast response time. Eventually most of my questions have been answered. With the exception of the above and one about warehouses. Support is friendly and polite. However, you wait for days before you get your answer. And now, I have a dedicated success manager. Still the last time I heard from either support person was on Tuesday morning. I sent a “what is the status” email yesterday. Nothing! No response. It is already Thursday afternoon. I have to send yet another email asking for updates.

I have tried some other software. At the end no one is perfect. You would have to decide which one gets you closer to what you need.

I thought this was going to be it. And might be, like if they fix the picture issues, i might decide to ok, clean up policies every week- though, it irritates me as that will be a waste of my time. And if wanted to look for a software was to save time not to create waste. Will see.

I would love to give the software 5 stars once these issues are resolved.
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