£10,000 spent, 20,000 views, 6,000 abandon carts, ZERO Sales

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£10,000 spent, 20,000 views, 6,000 abandon carts, ZERO Sales
4 Mar 2017
I started my ecommerce store about three months ago very optimistic but also realistic. I set aside my life savings hoping that I would venture into a profitable ecommerce store. I found the perfect product to sell, art prints, effectively using my talent. Paid for the advanced plan, stocked inventory, spent thousands on facebook and twitter ads, paid for an seo strategist, influence marketing, retargeting but still no sale.

I have had a lot of views and similarly 100% cart abandonment. Still dont know how come. What do I do, I'm loosing hope and I have squandered my savings.

Please tell me what you think could be going on my site is www.myneoprints.com
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Re: £10,000 spent, 20,000 views, 6,000 abandon carts, ZERO S
6 Mar 2017

Don't give up yet !!!!!

There are several issues with the website, mostly minor, but one major problem is that it takes (comparatively) forever to load. Google only gives it a score of around 25/100 for mobile and 30/100 for desktop. Definitely room for improvement. There is also a problem with hosting / the URL / design, as quite often URLs such as 'store-whcmsnx5tg.mybigcommerce.com/' appear instead of 'myneoprints.com'.

I've run a few tests, and I can find no organic or paid for search results for your site. I have done a couple of other sites in the last couple of months and these are showing results, so there is definitely a problem somewhere with yours.

You seriously need to look at your analytics for your facebook and twitter advertising as well as your Google analytics. This will show you where people are from, what they are searching for, the pages they are looking at, the time they spend there, as well as the final page they see. You may notice trends that will help to identify problems.

With regards to 100% cart abandonment, has it been tested and do you know it is working ? How many abandoned carts have you actually had ?

The seo for your site is not working, and whoever you paid, in my opinion, wants shooting.

Also be careful where you get images from. Taking a screenshot of an image that is used on many other websites to show a studio does not make you stand out as being individual. The Alt Image text should have been changed as part of the SEO by the way !

If you would like me to send you a full list of problems and how you could go about trying to rectify them yourself for free, just send me a PM.
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Re: £10,000 spent, 20,000 views, 6,000 abandon carts, ZERO S
7 Mar 2017

Why would anyone pay £21.99 for an A4 print on your website when they can just right click, save the image, and print it out themselves for about 5p?

My comment may seem a little brutal, but it's how I see it

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Re: £10,000 spent, 20,000 views, 6,000 abandon carts, ZERO S
7 Mar 2017
Especially given the fact everything is 2 tone B&W, very easy to steal. You should consider adding watermarks.

Also the image you used for the "Love Montreal" print is the CN Tower which is in Toronto. Unless you are trying to be very cheeky, I suspect that isn't a big seller.
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Re: £10,000 spent, 20,000 views, 6,000 abandon carts, ZERO S
7 Mar 2017
@rocmah That's exactly right! There is a way to 'copy protect' your images to turn off 'right click' and download, but watermarking them is probably best.

My second suggestion is to build incoming links from 'like' minded sites, such as decorating websites that offer the minimalistic style... did a search on bing and there's several: www.bing.com/search?q=neo+minimalist+style+decor&FORM=AWRE
you need to get your products into those places where people are looking for them... start a Pinterest board and be sure you use keywords that match with your products and 'theme'... This is definately a niche market product and no sense advertising to the world - zero in your focus on those groups!

You are also NOT using https... this has pretty much become a new necessity... not only do people want to feel secure, but Google gives higher preference to sites with https (at least that's what reports say). You should be able to get one for about $9.00 USD per year - (cheapdomains.com)

Finally, you need a little more info on the individual product pages - "Printed on premium matte paper with top quality archival ink." - what does that mean? Why is your prints better than the guy down the street?
Another example - your "Eat Sleep Poop" in the 'Humour' category - what's funny about it? You need some 'descriptions' on these pages... say something that will make a shopper relate to this poster.

Good Luck!
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Re: £10,000 spent, 20,000 views, 6,000 abandon carts, ZERO S
7 Mar 2017
You've linked your site to your Facebook page...which only has 2 likes...not particularly reassuring for a potential customer.
Surely you've got friends / family who could credit your page with a like?

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