Very pleased overall

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Very pleased overall
6 Mar 2017
Used Guided Imports after hearing Scott Voelker recommend them on one of his Amazing Seller podcast. Tested them out by purchasing their A-Z service package that basically handles everything. Having done business in China for years, I expected the timeline to be slow, as is usual for Asia. Was surprised it didn't take quite as long as I thought.

Had them source a product I was having trouble finding. They found 8 (I think) supppliers. After getting samples from them all, they even took a bunch of photos and wrote up a report about each sample. After I decided on the supplier, they lined up 2 additional factories to act as back up suppliers. I can't believe I've never thought of this. They said it's a safety net just in case the primary supplier screws up or something happens and the order doesn't get done. Thought that was a great idea and will be doing this from now on for products I source on my own.

Overall everything came out great. They literally handled everything. This is the first time I didn't spend anytime on anything China related, other than picking out the best sample and signing a few docs for customs and shipping.

Initially thought the cost was high, but after having used them, I think it actually saved me money. Not sure yet as final numbers won't be done for a while. I'll try to come back and edit this review when I find out.

Only thing I would improve is the emails. I'm one that loves getting an email every day. They are more efficient with their email communication. Granted they prepare a report and update it every day that I can access that shows me every bit of info I could want, but they don't send out much info via emails. Maybe I got 20 or so emails? Like this said, I'm one that likes an email every day.

That's my review. I'll Try update when I get numbers.
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