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A review of Linnworks by StylesChris
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Linnworks Desktop /
6 Mar 2017
I have been using Linnworks solidly for over 6 years for a multitude of different projects and have been extremely happy with the service provided.

Whenever there has been a problem we have found livechat to be the best way to resolve problems quickly and politely no matter the size or severity of the issue.

Although we have decided to keep using Linnworks desktop due to a lot of custom scripts etc - appears to be extremely useful, quick and intuitive.

Keep up the good work.
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Klaas Schippers - Linnworks
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Re: Linnworks Desktop /
7 Mar 2017

Thank you for your review and for using Linnworks all those years! I appreciate that you are a very advanced user as you mention the use of custom scripts.

If you require any further features or functionality we currently do not offer, please do not hesitate to let us know via the Linnworks forum in the Feature Request section.

Best regards,
Klaas Schippers

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