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ahTXT.com - Free SMS text notifications for eBay Sellers
5 Apr 2008
ah! TXT - www.ahTXT.com

ah!TXT is a free service, currently available for all eBay sellers, that delivers real-time notifications (in the form of SMS text messages to your cell phone) of all sales related activity on your eBay account. This includes sales (auction, fixed price, and store), questions from buyers (asked through eBay's message system), best offers, feedback (positive, neutral, and negative), and disputes filed.

It takes about 2 minutes to set up -- verify your eBay account (ahTXT is a certified eBay compatible application, so you know its secure), and verify your mobile phone. After that, it's all automatic. ahTXT will monitor all of your current listings and all of your future listings without you having to lift a finger.

There are three fundamental goals and pillars of ahTXT:

#1 - Save Time - You may not realize this, but time is the most valuable asset in your life. It's the only resource that you cannot replenish. We can all make more money, we can all buy or invest in different stuff, but whatever you do, you can never earn more time. ahTXT helps you spend it more wisely. No longer do you have to sit in front of your computer and hit reload on your Web browser or mail client, waiting for sales or questions to sail in. ahTXT keeps you posted by sending a message to your cell phone as it happens.

#2 - Earn More - Ever receive a question from a prospective buyer, but you didn't respond at all? Or maybe you did respond, but hours or days after it was asked? Don't miss out on these opportunities. These are people coming to you, asking you a question -- and often, it's an invisible test, to see how responsive and courteous you are as a seller. Remember, they don't know you from Adam, AND there are plenty of other people online selling what you have. So respond QUICKLY and respond ACCURATELY, and that all starts with ahTXT. When someone asks you a question, you will be immediately informed on your cell phone. We've had so many responses from buyers saying, "Wow, that was quick." And that's exactly what you want.. to make them feel comfortable that you are on top of things.

#3 - Have Fun - ahTXT really wants to give you little shots of adrenaline in the middle of the day, when you least expect it. Imagine just being in a boring company meeting, or even being stuck in traffic, and suddenly, "Beep! Beep! [buzz]" Your phone message indicator lights up, and you get that ahTXT stating that you just sold that diamond encrusted Rolex watch for $2700 that you bought from a garage sale for $25.

Give it a try.. it could literally transform the way that you do business, and how you spend your time. It's completely configurable too. You can throttle how many messages you get, too.

Sales - Configure a minimum price to get an ahTXT, or if you do auctions, you can ignore unsold auction listings.

Feedback - Configure only negative and neutrals be sent via ahTXT, or, set a milestone, so that rather than every single positive feedback be sent to your phone, only every 100th positive feedback is sent.

Frequency - Want to cap how many messages per minute, hour, day or month you receive? That's available and easy to set.

So, register now at ahTXT.com. Of course, we want to hear any suggestions, comments.. good and bad, they're all welcome. Anything we can do to make it better for you, we're completely open to suggestions!

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