statistics on ebay

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statistics on ebay
6 Apr 2008
I am currently living in another country and thinknig about selling products specific to that country. I made a usual suspects list but each day I always think of something new my new home country has to offer.

Im thinking it might be better just to get hold of some statistics and get an exhaustive list of whats in demand.

I thought one way would be to get a list of all products sold from a certain location.

Is there a way to do this?

what i'd like to see is something like this

from timbuktoo to the uk

there were 60 successful sales of gnomes with only 20 not sold
Average number of bids was 50 (wow they are in demand)
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Re: statistics on ebay
21 Apr 2008
Hi yariman,

I don't think anyone provides statistics that include the seller's location, but I could be wrong.

Terapeak has a lot of detail so I would try there first, then try HammerTap and the other Market Research tools.

Hope that helps

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