Super hero capes and masks

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Super hero capes and masks
17 Mar 2017
My grand kids want me to sell capes with the My little pony character on them.
I don't understand how everyone is selling these capes from China without a license to use the images. (Batman, Spiderman etc) Can anyone tell me if it is ok to sell them on Amazon?
Is it not regulated by Amazon and just the manufacturer?
Any info would be appreciated!
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Re: Super hero capes and masks
21 Mar 2017

Amazon do not police listings themselves, but companies such as Hasbro, who licence the rights to My Little Pony, often employ others to protect their brand online. If they suspect that you are selling a fake / unlicensed product it will be reported and often solicitors / lawyers / heavy costs are involved.

Manufacturers can pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to get a licence from the brand owner for the rights to sell a product and will do their best to protect their investment

The problem with Chinese sellers is that there are so many of them, and they usually can not be touched by the law outside of China. If an item is reported as being a fake on Amazon, they usually get closed down but simply open up with a different name etc.

A good example of Chinese fakes being 'above the law' can be found on this extract from Top Gear on YouTube. It pretty much sums up the Chinese manufacturers.

One of my clients, who sells officially licensed childrens bedding, often gets approached by Chinese manufacturers who will openly copy the best selling designs at a lower price than the official supplier. They just do not care !

My advice is, if you want to make a few capes and give them to your grandchildren, then there should not be a problem. If you want to make a few hundred to sell on line, then good luck and have a good lawyer.

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