Decent for FBA, bad for FBM and greatly overpriced

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Decent for FBA, bad for FBM and greatly overpriced
17 Mar 2017
If my sole need was FBA I'd give this program 4 stars. It syncs the inventory with Amazon, creates the ebay listing, and auto fulfills the ebay order from Amazon. Their pricing is far too high for such a simple system. Shopify auto fulfills MCF orders for free with their most basic plans. Inventory sync is nice but is a trivial amount of code. They deserve at least 3 stars as the MCF is convenient and the listing creation for ebay is smooth. Their website serves no value after initial setup. The lack of any type of pricing syncing, even with an adjustment formula, is also why I took out stars. (Again extremely trivial to implement)

I took out more stars for their FBM features. For FBM JoeLister is syncing inventory and creating the initial listing only. There's no reason to pay a high monthly fee for such trivial tasks. Their listing creation is convenient and a time saver but not worth the cost.

Overall their priced too high and are seriously limited on features. When you look at what other SAAS offer for $30 to $500 you would expect Joelister to be at $30 or less. When I requested a custom pricing model for FBM I was told they were considering a new pricing model of only 15% of sales. Wow.

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