As a retailer, when do YOU get paid?

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As a retailer, when do YOU get paid?
21 Mar 2017
You do everything you can to make your store as attractive as possible.
You try to hire the best people. You do your best to find the best merchandise. You control your expenses as best as you can.

You fight Amazon and all the online retailers and vendors who sell direct.
You try to figure out how to hire and/or sell to the Millennials.

None of this is easy. I know.

And perhaps the toughest part is that you may not be getting the kind of cash out of your business that you need or want, to market more effectively, expand, or possibly even pay yourself what you are worth. And that's before we talk about long term debt.

There is an answer.

Retail is detail, it is the sum of doing lots of little things correctly.
A key element of those details is planning your sales and your inventory properly, so that you can generate the most cash from your business. That's how stores bigger than you do it, and it's even how some stores smaller than you can do it too.

Imagine if you could reduce your cost of goods sold by 2%. How much falls to the bottom line?

We can help you do that. We are doing it today, for lots of stores around the world.
And we are very, very affordable.

If you are interested, please reach out to me. I love helping retailers, and we can help you, too!

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