Getting paid by PayPal when selling on Amazon

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Getting paid by PayPal when selling on Amazon
24 Mar 2017
Hi everyone I was wondering if PayPal is the best way to get paid by the customers while selling to them on
Many thanks for your time.



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Re: Getting paid by PayPal when selling on Amazon
30 Mar 2017

Amazon will only send payments to your registered bank account. PayPal is not accepted. Buyers pay their money direct to Amazon, not to you.

The procedure is basically:
  • Customer buys your item
  • Amazon takes payment
  • You despatch the order
  • Funds are transferred to your Amazon account (less fees)
  • On your payment cycle (usually every 14 days, or longer for a new account or if your account is under review) money transferred to your registered bank account from your Amazon account.

  • New accounts often have to wait 30 or even 60 days to receive their first payments. This allows Amazon to hold onto your money in case of a problem with the order until you prove that you are worthy to deal with Amazon !!
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