Best multi-channel inventory solution on the market

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Best multi-channel inventory solution on the market
24 Mar 2017
We've worked with StoreFeeder for a number of years now and it has transformed our business. We have integrated with 16 different sales channels and also with our Microsoft Dynamics ERP system.

We researched all the available software and found that Storefeeder has the perfect balance of having a straight forward user interface that is incredibly intuitive to use, yet being incredibly feature rich.

The main USP for us is that Storefeeder has unique functionality that enables a user to have multiple listings of the same SKU even on the same channel, this is then mapped to a single product and inventory level within Storefeeder - this enables us to have maximum listing coverage on marketplaces without being limited to a single listing thus maximising revenues.

Storefeeder have always been willing to take on custom work and help us where required, support has also been very quick and proactive.

Highly recommended.
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