Slow Restocking, Slow Fufillment, Missing Stock, Dishonesty

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Slow Restocking, Slow Fufillment, Missing Stock, Dishonesty
24 Mar 2017
We have been using eFulfillment Services since December of 2012, and it’s been a roller coaster of late shipments, missing inventory and being constantly lied to by staff members. This company has an extreme lack of accountability, often changing its operational guidelines to suit whatever internal issues they’re having. When we first started using Efulfillment Services it was not as bad as it is now however, the previously mentioned issues have just gotten a bit out of control. So much so, that we have and continue to suffer financials loss due to their negligence.

Our problems first began with shipments being sent out late. We would advertise our shipment times in line with that of Efulfillment Services but for whatever reason, shipments would be shipped late. Even those that were to be shipped using an expedited service as defined in their client agreement. Very often when we would contact them about a shipment that was not shipped when it was supposed to, we would get nothing but lies and excuses. It’s just not fair to us or our customers who pay for their orders to be shipped on time. eFulfillment Services takes our weekly payments on time with no grace period but feels that they cannot deliver the services we’re paying them for.

Another problem we’ve been having is the adding of new inventory received. To give an idea of how long it takes for new inventory to be added once received by eFulfillment Services, we sent a new shipment that was received on 3/14/2017. Today is 3/24/2017 and our inventory has still not been added. In the meantime, we’ve lost several sales having to refund our customers due to not having the inventory available for shipment. This is not the first time this has happened, and we’re pretty sure it won’t be the last.

The most recent issue we’ve been having with eFulfillment Services is inventory coming up missing on numerous occasions. Due to the nature of our product lines, we suspect it’s some sort of internal theft. Every time product comes up missing, we’re asked to provide a receipt proving the wholesale cost we paid for the item. We still lose money on missing inventory because eFulfillment Services only reimburses the wholesale cost for the inventory. We pay to have inventory shipped to us and then we have to pay to have it shipped to eFulfillment Services. It’s not right that a business client must suffer financial losses due to the negligence of eFulfillment Services.

We chose eFulfillment Services based on the reviews posted on the internet however, now we believe those reviews are not from real clients. They simply can’t be. No serious business would give this company a 5 star rating. The lack of professionalism and inability to deliver services they’re being paid for makes eFulfillment Services a company one should definitely not consider, especially if your shipments are time sensitive.

Whether your selling from your website or any of the several market places on the internet, expect to suffer revenue losses with eFfulfillment Services. We pondered writing this complaint however we’ve been left with no other options after trying to address these issues on several different occasions. Hopefully things will change but in the meantime we’re seeking another service provider.


On April 3rd a member of EFS senior management contacted us in regards to our complaint. After discussing our issues and concerns, EFS has assured us that the issues mentioned in our complaint will be addressed accordingly. We will revisit this review for possible amendment in the future.

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