Fantastic system, such a time saver.

A review of Linnworks by gazglasgow
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Fantastic system, such a time saver.
28 Mar 2017
I have been using Linnworks for a number of years. Whilst the system has improved over the years with great new feautures being added there has always been one core benefit:

It's a fantastic time saver!

If you are receiving a reasonable volume of orders from various shopping channels then this is the system to go for. For one fixed monthly cost you can process as many orders as required.

Inventory management and mapping works a treat. If you leep your initial stock levels on the system accurate then over selling is virtually eradicated.

Listing management using the new interface makes creating and managing listings in bulk or one by one a breeze. Descriptions, properties, images and specifications can be changed in a flash and before your browswer has even logged into eBay!

For anyone seriously interested in online sales I thoroughly recommend this system. It takes the chore out of order despatch and leaves you time to deal with other things.


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Klaas Schippers - Linnworks
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Re: Fantastic system, such a time saver.
10 Apr 2017

Hello Garry,

Thank you for using the Linnworks software for all those years and for posting your review here on Webretailer.

We believe in scalable growth and that is why even our free Linnworks Community plan has no limit on the number of orders one can process, and our PRO plans are completely without any restrictions.

Best regards,
Klaas Schippers
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