Brilliant low cost solution for a low volume online retailer

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Brilliant low cost solution for a low volume online retailer
4 Apr 2017
For a relatively small retailer with B2C and B2B websites, Expandly looks as though it's going to be just the job. The support has been phenomenal, with initial set-up glitches sorted and (my own!) user error nightmares corrected within minutes. We've still a little bit of set-up left to do in connecting all of our channels but, given the level of support so far and that they jump into action to address any issues immediately, I've absolute confidence that any hiccups going forward will be resolved.

In terms of functionality it does everything we could ask for...which is mainly syncing stock levels between two very different ecommerce platforms. In truth that should be "easy" but our setup is a little odd in that one of our stores is "Trade only" and sits behind multiple levels of obsfucation and security measures to hide it from public gaze. Having tried a handful of other multichannel-inventory "solutions" I discovered that not one of them could successfully connect to our trade-only store: in fact one that we tried even said "I don't think it'll won't work with us, better luck with one of our competitors". We'd almost given up on finding a solution but the developers at Expandly actually took the time to look into the specifics of our setup and managed what other developers had presumed was "impossible".

Given the low cost of Expandly its a no-brainer: We don't need the overkill that the £200+ p/m offerings could give us, and the simplicity of setup AND very personalised and friendly support when things aren't quite working out go way beyond expectations.
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