Nightmare to install. No way to try it w/o commitment

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Nightmare to install. No way to try it w/o commitment
5 Apr 2017
After seeing an offer for a free trial on another site, I thought I'd give it a shot. It does require you to give them paypal authorization for ongoing charges. I wasn't happy to have to give payment info first before I tried, but ok.

Installation nightmare: first computer downloaded ok but would die halfway through install. I tried updating my windows, downloading again & starting over, but nope. Second computer didn't like the version of MS Net Framework this software needs. Spent an hour on Microsoft's site trying to fix it; finally gave up. Put it on my (inconvenient) main office desktop. It finished the install but then it still won't run.

The "free trial" isn't free. They want not for you to agree to a paypal subscription billing in advance, they needed my credit card number. After all this headache, I wasn't sure I wanted to give my card number to a company I knew nothing about. I contacted support mentioning the trial was supposed to be "free". They still wouldn't unlock the program, even for 1 day. The salesman gave me some story about how I "could buy postage using their program. Logic says you ask for the credit card when/if the user wants postage. So they refused to let me look at it, even for 1 day.

So I deleted the darn thing. I went into paypal to remove their subscription authorization the same day so they wouldn't try any funny business.

Wouldn't you believe a month later they're trying to charge my paypal for a product they knew I couldn't run. It's these aggressive billing practices that make people not want to give out paypal addresses or credit card numbers.

Between the nightmare to install and the disappointment about how they handle billing, as much as I need this type of program I'm going to try elsewhere.
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