Reinstated with Amazon within 24 Hours

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Reinstated with Amazon within 24 Hours
10 Apr 2017
We struggled to convince the Amazon Performance Team that we gained understanding of the issue(s) and were making/and-will-make corrections, but they would not reinstate us. We read all the policy material on Amazon that we could find to direct us to any policy violations. My team when over more than 6000 SKU's during the suspended time period which spanned over two weeks making corrections to all listings we were able to.  But still denied.

We reached out to CJ Rosenbaum's law firm that specializes in Amazon suspended accounts. After sending all email correspondences with Amazon followed by an in-dept conference call, we explained our business, our product lines, brands and most importantly, what we did during the time we were down to resolve the issues. Armed with that information, CJ's team of attorneys and paralegals went into action preparing a formal response (POA) to Amazon. I emailed the POA on company letterhead to Amazon and we were reinstated to sell on Amazon 12 hours later. The thing is, it only took CJ's team 7 hours from retaining them to receiving the POA on a Word Doc and PDF, which happened to be a Friday at 6:54pm when we received it. They worked late on our behalf. Thanks to all of you at Amazon Seller's Lawyer for an excellent, speedy, professional job. Highly recommended!    
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