University of Michigan students look to connect with sellers

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University of Michigan students look to connect with sellers
10 Apr 2017
Hi All,

I work at the University of Michigan Stephen M. Ross School of Business. On May 5-6, some of our part-time MBA students will be participating in a business challenge aimed at rethinking the way online marketplaces interface with sellers. We very much want to hear from sellers like you and and get your input as part of the event.

There are 3 ways for you to get involved:

1. Phone interviews. If you agree to be interviewed, a business student will contact you on May 5. Interviews will be conducted over the phone, and shouldn’t take more than 15-20 minutes. We invite sellers of any experience level, from anywhere in the world to take part in these calls.

2. We're looking for a few experienced sellers to form an expert panel that can speak about the industry in broader terms and also answer questions from an audience of students. Teleconferencing options are available if you do not operate in SE Michigan. Expert panelists will be paid a $200 honorarium, in addition to any travel costs they might incur.

3. We also want to come to you. If you operate somewhere close to Ann Arbor, Michigan and are willing to have students visit your business for an hour on May 5, please let me know. We are offering $200 to any businesses that consent to a site visit of this nature.

Here are some example questions students may ask:
-Which online marketplaces have you used or are currently using to conduct ecommerce?
-Have you tried a variety of marketplace platforms? If so, how do they compare to each other from a services standpoint?
-Were some more seller-friendly than others and if so, why?
-What features and services do you look for when selecting an ecommerce site?
-What are the biggest challenges you face as an online seller as compared to other forms of commerce?
-How has your business benefitted from selling through ecommerce sites? On the flip side, what have been some of your frustrations with selling through marketplace sites?
-Which, if any, software or 3rd party apps do you utilize to work with the marketplace platform you are using?
-What criteria do you use when selecting which products or services to sell online?

Please feel free to post a reply or reach out to me at

Thank you for considering this request!

Kind regards,

Nathan Dewey | 734-647-4195
Program Coordinator, Sanger Leadership Center
UM Ross School of Business
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David Ayanru
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Re: University of Michigan students look to connect with sel
11 Apr 2017

Hi Nathan,

I live in the UK and would like to participate in the telephone interview.

My email is

Best Regards,

San Diego, California United States
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Re: University of Michigan students look to connect with sel
7 Jul 2017

Hi, Nathan,

What did your students learn from the interviews?


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