Great way to cross well to Ebay from FBA

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Great way to cross well to Ebay from FBA
11 Apr 2017
Early on I wanted a way to sell my products that were listed on Amazon FBA on Ebay. I could list them manually, but that would take time I didn't have.

I found JoeLister and it was an absolute breeze to set up. It keeps track of my FBA inventory and updates whenever I get a sale.

It's ultra easy to set up and works GREAT! They just did a HUGE upgrade to their service and it's a dramatic improvement.

The only real downside is price. As I said before, I am fairly thrifty, but I understand capitalism. Thats the only negative I have to say about the entire JoeLister experience. Otherwise it's been a great addition to my ecommerce biz and allows me to sell on ye t another channel....and very easily, I might add!
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