What would we do without Linnworks....

A review of Linnworks by PackSmartLtd
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What would we do without Linnworks....
12 Apr 2017
Pack Smart Ltd has used Linnworks for well over 6 years and grown with them over this time. We started with a couple of users and one despatch station and now operate 8 despatch stations and over 12 users. It is without question that Linnworks has been central in forming a key foundation to our business and without that, we would not be where we are today.

The system has continued to develop significantly over this time and whilst we do use many of the features and options within Linnworks to manage our processes efficiently, we still have plenty of 'growing room'. Linnworks has been able to manage rapid growth, introduction of multiple sites, further growth through the consolidation to a single site and have every confidence it will continue to support our future growth plans.

Have we ever had an issue or problem? Of course we have - these things happen occasionally and would question any systems provider that says otherwise. What is important, and Linnworks do this well, is how quickly issues can be resolved and normal service levels restored. As with many Linnworks clients, it forms the backbone to our business and without it, our operations are halted. Just the same with power-cuts or internet connectivity (not within the remit of Linnworks!).

Linnworks clearly are developing with a commercial focus on their product offering and that, for us, is critical. Any software development led by non-commercially aware or operational backgrounds rarely hits the mark. The features keep coming and the client base has a voice to guide and steer some of the feature requests.

Our business has some quirks - as with all small, flexible and growing businesses - and yet Linnworks has supported every one of them. Some through the use of standard functionality, some requiring a little technical 'magic'. Through standard due process, every couple of years we review our software, platform and systems and genuinely the balance of functionality, service and cost means there is very little competition.

Would we change? No
If we were starting again, would we use Linnworks? Absolutely

So we look forward to more features, richer functionality and some exciting opportunities that Linnworks will be offering!
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Klaas Schippers - Linnworks
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Re: What would we do without Linnworks....
29 Jun 2017

Thank you very much for taking the time in leaving a review.

Best regards,
Klaas Schippers
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