Not worth the money

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Not worth the money
13 Apr 2017
ChannelAdvisor charges a lot of money for their service and it's definitely not worth it. We initially spent over $50k for the marketplaces and managed digital marketing.
After 2 months we had to cancel the digital marketing because all of a sudden they told us that display marketing is not included, total bait and switch.
We kept the marketplace portion and are not happy with it. Be warned, they have you sign up for 1 year with no trial period or any way to get refunded; in other terms, your satisfaction isn't guaranteed and very unlikely you will be satisfied. It definitely doesn't perform as advertised. They promise inventory in one place but it only applies with USA marketplaces. Other countries you have to duplicate your inventory for each. There are all kinds of hidden bugs and missing features.
The first 2 months are spent on training with someone who really rushed through to get us off their plate and treated me like I'm dumb. They are not interested in teaching you anything besides their set training plan (that covers the basics only). They charge $750 extra per channel just for the training. Each channel is about 3 hours worth of classes. When we encountered problems with our feeds all the work gets dumped on us, they don't do any of it and if they do help you with a little formula or something, you can be sure they will make you feel like they are doing you a favor. Many times they told us to do things a certain way then when it didn't work they just had us go back and redo everything. If you have a question, they will have you sit and go over a 40 minute recording of your lesson for you to find the answer. I kept asking myself how could they charge $250 per hour for this service level? They could have sat me in front of a video. The training got us up on our webstore and Amazon US. These are the channels we were already up on.
After the training is done, you have to deal with their tech support for any issue. The problem is they only offer email support. They answer within 24-48 hours (sometimes more, our slowest one 3 weeks). Their MO is also to let you do all the work and solve nothing. After they answer there is usually a correction to make then you have to wait another 24 hours for the corrections to populate the channels. If the problem wasn't solved then it will take another 3 days. Problems in ChannelAdvisor are kind of like trains, one can hide an other; actually a problem hides another in CA much more often than a train hides another. Bottom line it took us 5 months to get 5 channels up. We are still having problems with those channels, errors upon errors with no end. This service is not worth what they charge for it. Even at half price it would not be worth it.
Wrote our rep about a 3 month credit 4 times in the past 3 weeks because it took so long to get additional channels up, he didn't even bother answering...
Update: here is a good example, on March 6 we started setting up Amazon Japan that we already had an approved account on but didn't load any product (pending our implementation of CA since we got it to help us bring more channels up). 50 days and 7 support tickets later as of April 26 the channel is still not up, not even 1 product loaded, thousands of errors for about 480 skus.

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Re: Not worth the money
18 Apr 2017
@Rony Genetic LA Couldn't agree with you more. After spending 25K, still not up and running, they treat you like you are bothering them when you have a question. They teach you nothing and week after week all you have are meetings about how many errors you still have in the feed and nobody knows why they can't fix them.

They call themselves experts but nothing works ever.

Biggest waist of money, they are a horrible company.

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