Remarkably software, easy to use, and quick to set up.

A review of Shopping Feed by nessunabilita
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Remarkably software, easy to use, and quick to set up.
19 Apr 2017
These guys really have outdone themselves. Here's why I love their software.

  • Setup is fast as hell. Their software walks you through all the steps in a slick way to get connected to your channels. I connected to Amazon in 10 minutes, turned on my first product, and saw it in Amazon within another 5 minutes. Solid.
  • Their support has a real go-gettem' attitude. They figure out the answers, and fast. Everyone I have opened has had same-day responses, and often same-day solves. They are quick to help with custom configurations. And it helps that they really seem to care.
  • Order importing back to your storefront from marketplace channels is automatic once the channel is open, with no configuration necessary. 2 years ago I would have paid the same to have JUST this feature alone. Its remarkable.
  • RULES. Rules tool in Shopping Feed lets you manipulate every individual piece of data that leaves for your channels, all automatically. You aren't stuck with what your store listing says, rules changes the game in an amazing way. This was a feature in Channel Advisor, but no way was it as simple as they make it, and at about 1/10th the cost.
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